Malawi Project 2017 Review

Water & Medical Int’l

Though the year of 2017 was very challenging, it proved to be very fruitful for our organization. We surveyed for 2 new wells in the region of Matanda and its central remote areas where locals residents walk 10 or more kilometers to the nearest fresh water source.

In addition to drilling new wells, we were also able to repair 8 nonfunctional and abandoned water wells that now provide many people with fresh water and has greatly improved their health and lifestyle.

Also with our medical team we have visited many isolated clustered tribal areas and provided medical treatments, basic first aid and hygiene education, ethical and spiritual counseling and education.

Despite many challenges that we faced, we were able to make a big impact. We established great relationships, and learned more about the culture and Chichewa language, and witnessed many smiling faces, tears of joy, happiness, and hope for the future.

This was all due to the graciousness of our God and the generosity of people like you that have a desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

Our goal for the future is to continue building a sustainable project that will help to develop and build better communities, make disciples, and improve the lives of many Malawians.
On recently acquired land we are planning to build a small medical clinic, missionary house, prayer house, and a school for medical and water technician students.

“God Loves a cheerful giver” 2 Cor. 9:7


We are also planning to purchase a new drilling machine from Deep Rock Manufacturer in Texas. This will allow us to extend our ministry to the most isolated regions of Malawi and provide fresh and clean water for many underprivileged people.

As a result of poor roads and nearly inaccessible areas, we are in a great need to raise funds for an off-road transportation vehicle. This vehicle, made by Toyota, has off-road capabilities, towing capacity, a double fuel tank, and a capacity of ten passengers. This will allow us to transport missionary groups and sick people in need of hospitalization, thus helping us expand the impact of our growing ministry.

In November 2018 we are organizing another missionary deployment to Malawi. The primary objective will be to start planning and organizing first phase of our new missionary base development and construction. We are in desperate need of financial support to help us purchase bricks, cement, sand, and some tools for this phase.